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Kimonos are a traditional Japanese costume and "EDOKOMON" is one type of designs on kimonos. It is said that "EDOKOMON" is very special and the king of kimonos because it was used on uniforms(kamishimo) for lords(samurai-warriors) in edo era. The ordinary people were not able to use the type of designs on their kimonos

patterns used for dyeing (made by carving delicate designs on traditional Japanese papers.)

Traditional Craftwork approved by the Minister of Minisrty of Economy,Trade and Industry

This sign is only given to a product that passed the official inspection of craftworks made by traditional crafts. All our products are given this sign.

The History of Edokomon

In edo era, a samurai warrior wore a kimono that has his family's original design all over it in order to display their power. This is the beginning of edokomon. Later the ordinary people have become to enjoy dyeing their designs all over their kimonos. The characteristic of both designs is very fine in order to make a person in "EDOKOMON" looked nice.

Although "EDOKOMON" is looked like plain at a distance, it will impress you by its delicate designs as well as its softness, tenderness and beauty once you look it closely.

Kenichi Sunakawa,the forth president of Matsutsuna (one of Matsutsunafs craftsmen who were given a title of the traditional craftsman) We have devoted ourselves to dye gEdokomonhfor nearly one hundred years. The way we had worked was evaluated, and then we had the honor to be given a title of the traditional craftsman. From now on, we would like to not only maintain the tradition but also try to do something new to make today's style products.

Matsutsuna Dyeworks Ltd.

4-4-32 Shimo-ochiai
Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
JAPAN 161-0033

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